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Garden Types

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Growing for Apartments

  • Certain plants are well-suited to container growing. Try growing tomatoes, peppers, salads, herbs, peas and beans. Experiment with other crops.
  • Watering - put a reservoir beneath each pot that can hold at least 500ml, which you can top up if youíre going away for the weekend.
  • Make your own liquid feeds from nettles and comfrey and water your plants with it.
  • Try growing potatoes in an empty compost bag which can easily be earthed up by topping up with a mixture of soil and compost.
  • Donít allow the containers to get water-logged put a few stones at the base of each to improve drainage

Growing for Housing Estates

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  • Use south facing walls for climbing plants (like tomato, climbing beans) or espalier fruit trees (like plums and pears).
  • Practise a simple four-year rotation between 4 roughly equal beds. The 4 main groups are the cabbage family, the onion family, the potato family and the pea family. Others can be slotted in where there is space.
  • A clump of comfrey in the corner will make excellent liquid plant food when it is cut and steeped in a water bucket.
  • Use cloches to cover early crops and protect them from frosts. A mini glasshouse or cold-frame made from recycled windows will prevent seedlings from getting leggy on the windowsill.

Growing for Community Gardens

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  • Advertise, asking if there is anyone interested in starting a community garden, and ask around about a spare plot of land.
  • Organise workshops with an experienced local gardener on some important topics like weeding, slug control, composting, etc.
  • Have a garden log-book to record what was done when you werenít there to keep track of the work being done throughout the week.
  • Plant some fruit bushes and trees if the space allows, remember to have at least 2 apple trees for pollination.
  • Grow comfrey as a plant food, and use flowers and herbs to encourage a healthy environment.

Growing for Market Gardens

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  • Start small, polytunnels are a great way to designate a space.
  • Have both indoor and outdoor cropping space.
  • Visit as many farmers markets as you can and talk to other growers in the area.
  • Build a loyal local customer base within a 5-10 mile radius.
  • Locate your composting area in a sunny spot.

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