January is the ideal month to plant your bare root apple trees. Below are some handy tips and video (from our nursery manager Eoin) showing you the ideal way to plant your trees ahead of the coming season.

Ideally you want to plant your bare root trees as soon as possible but if that’s not possible you can store them in a bucket of damp sawdust for a couple of nights. Be careful not to leave the roots dry out. Place a bar, or a marker, into the ground where you are going to plant your tree. Dig a hole at least two times the width and depth of the root system you are working with, ideally the radius of the hole will be about 4ft.

At this point you add some manure or organic feeder (seaweed dust) to your soil. Next drive a stake into the ground where you intend to place the tree. Place the bare root tree next to the stake and spread the roots out evenly, make sure the ‘graft union’ is about 4-5 inches above ground level. At this point you can place a guard around the tree, this will prevent hares and deer from stripping the bark. Place the soil back around the tree, use a rubber tie to attach the tree to stack and cover the surrounding area with plastic to suppress weeds.