For many April is the month that gets us out into the garden for the first time of the the year. For the novice it can seem daunting, where do i start?, what do i grow? How much do i grow? Ask yourself what do you like to eat and aim to grow a small but varied selection of fruit and vegetables.

Hoe, hoe, hoe….No it’s not Christmas time yet but April is the month where weeds will be shooting up. If you can start hoeing the top soil now you will see less weeds during the month. Although the weather will be getting milder in April it’s best to hold off planting tender crops like courgettes, squashes, sweetcorns etc. as there is always the chance of a late sharp frost.

A lot of people do sow carrots and parsnips in April but leaving them until May is preferable as you’ll end up harvesting nearer to the Winter months. If you are planting then make sure to cover your carrots with fleece, ensuring the edges are buried will help prevent carrot root fly destroying your crop.