August is a busy for for seed harvesting peas, mangetout, rocket, poppies, Galway wheat, Oats, beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, parsnips and chard are all now coming to fruition for harvest. In the polytunnels our cucumbers, courgettes and pumpkins are starting to swell up. Visitors sometimes comment on how these fruit should have already been harvested but we do need to remind them that we grow for a seed harvest, not farm produce.

For the tomatoes we will have harvested the first truss for tasting and we’ll take the second and third for seed saving, as the seeds will be better formed and better pollinated. It’s a very exciting time of the year for our Seed Bank. One of our Seed Guardians recently provided us with a huge harvest of Shetland Cabbage for processing.

Cabbage plants that have gone to seed.

The first of our early ripening apple varieties will soon be harvested and our nursery have recently provided a large supply of two year old potted apple trees to our farm shop. For a full listings of these varieties please contact our shop at Now that all our apple trees are fruiting it’s important to keep up with disease pruning. Cutting away any affected limbs, clearing leaf litter and cutting grass around the base of the trees are all essential jobs that contribute to the health of our orchards.

Budding is a form of tree grafting whereby we use apple tree bud instead of scion wood from a mother tree. Budding, as the name suggests, is performed during the growing season and August is the ideal time for apple trees. These budded trees are then cared for by our orchard team and are then made available to the general public as bare root trees the following year.

Bud Grafting in process