Apple season is upon us and our nursery have have supplied our farm shop with a beautiful range of two year old potted trees. Our bareroot trees are looking really healthy and are still growing. These bareroot varieties will be available for sale on our website from the first week in October and are shipped in December when the trees become full dormant. Please email for more information, list of available varieties, ages and prices.

When our orchard team are not busy preparing for tree sales season they are harvesting our apples which will be used for our own apple juice, education workshops and tasting displays for our Harvest Festival. With the wet conditions for most of the summer months a lot of our fruit have had brown rot this season. We’ve taken this fruit off site for disposal to break the life cycle of the spores. This is followed up with some disease pruning to help maintain the health of the trees.

Our seed team is in full harvesting mode and we are currently fermenting our tomato seeds, which will make for stronger, healthier seeds. This is where we harvest over ripe tomatoes, scoop out the seeds, jelly and leave them to ferment in their own juices for a few days.

We are cutting all of the leaves off our pumpkins and squashes, as we need the fruits to over ripen slightly for seed harvesting. Leeks are still in the ground and yet to be harvested as these are always one of the last to go to seed. As we harvest and clear our beds we sow plenty of green manures (Phacelia, Winter Vetch and Rye) but due to the bad weather this is proving to be a little challenging.

If you are growing food for over winter you can still sow Londonderry broad beans, salad greens, mustard leaf, radish and spinach. Click HERE to see what you can still sow this month.