Irish Seed Savers are a proud member of the The Environmental Pillar, an organisation comprised of 26 national independent environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs), who work together to represent the views of the Irish environmental sector.

In the lead up to the General Election 2020, The Environmental Pillar have released their manifesto that identifies 10 critical areas for reform.

  • Increased funding through the carbon tax to support a Green New Deal for Ireland
  • Increased support for agencies and NGOs working to protect our natural world
  • Creation of a unified biodiversity and climate Department under one cabinet Minister
  • Commitment to support marine and freshwater biodiversity
  • Transform to a low-carbon public, active and vehicle-sharing transport model
  • Kick-start a circular economy revolution in line with the European Green Deal
  • Reform farming and forestry for close to nature management systems, biodiversity restoration and permanent native woodland creation
  • Get tough on construction industry impact on the natural world
  • Ensure wide access to justice right on environmental matters
  • Ensure that our borderless biodiversity on the island of Ireland is Brexit-proofed

The full manifesto is available here: httpss://

By focusing on these areas, it will help lead to a strong Green New Deal for Ireland to ensure a just transition for our natural world and the Irish people into the new dawn of a zero-carbon world.

The Pillar is also delighted to support the One Future campaign calling for faster and fairer climate action that launched earlier this week. The campaign is encouraging people to challenge election candidates on the doorstep about their climate and biodiversity action plans.

So when candidates come knocking on your door tell them #IVoteNature and you want to know how they are going to help turn the tide on the biodiversity and climate crisis we are now facing.