Sit spots are a great way to build meaningful connections with nature and to find a place of stillness within yourself. Anywhere can be a sit spot, finding a place surrounded by nature helps with the feeling of relaxation and timelessness.

LOCATION: a woodland or anywhere that is surrounded by nature
AGE: 4+ (younger children sit for a much shorter time)
DEVELOPMENT: focus and free concentration, stillness in nature, sensory awareness
KIT: no kit needed

Go into the woods (or a natural environment) with your child/children and tell them to choose a spot that they feel drawn too. Let them know that we will be sitting at our sit spot for an agreed amount of time. If they stay still and quiet, they might catch a glimpse of the animals and insects that live in the forest. Agree on an amount of time to be at your sit spot and when that time is up, tell them that you will let them know by doing three crow calls to which they will reply with 3 crow calls. Practice your crow calls together before you go to your sit spot. It can be a good idea to have a base camp to come back to, you should be able to see base camp from your sit spot.

Come back to this sit spot with your child time and time again. Sit and wait, wait and sit. Maybe in the stillness an animal will feel safe enough to appear or a bird that you have never seen before might sing you a song. Use all of your senses while at your sit spot – listen, look, smell, feel & touch.