Irish Seed Savers are delighted to announce during Heritage Week 2021 that we are in the process of creating a digital heritage resource in the format of a virtual reality 360˚ experience to provide access to the living heritage at Irish Seed Savers Association.

Funded by the Heritage Council Community Heritage Grant Scheme, this project aims to help school-children and the community engage with and learn about the living cultural tradition of Irish heritage apple tree growing, heirloom seed saving and conservation.

Filming of this unique and engaging 360˚ content will commence in September, with the 360˚ Virtual Tour being hosted on our website by the end of October 2021.

Two short virtual reality experiences will be developed; an Orchard Experience and Seed Experience. The Orchard Experience will engage audiences with the National Irish Heritage Apple Tree collection and allow visitors to connect with and view in 360˚ virtual reality the tangible cultural heritage such as trees and apples and provide interesting facts about the intangible cultural heritage associated with Irish heritage apple trees.

The Seed Experience will allow visitors to the 360˚ virtual tour to connect with Irish native vegetable crop varieties such as the Buan Onion, allow visitors to view 360˚ virtual reality seed close ups and learn about the age-old tradition of seed saving.

We look forward to sharing updates about this exciting project very soon.