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The Year Round Organic School Garden, Part one

This course will allow the teachers to plan and create an organic school garden with an emphasis on habitats and biodiversity. We will visit a school garden, community garden and a school with no garden and audit, design and plan a school garden.

We will look at the cross curricular potential of a school garden and demonstrate how it ties in with SESE, SPHE, Art, Languages, History and Maths There is a strong emphasis on practical activities including.

  • Garden planning and design
  • Seed sowing and seed care
  • Plant care , pests and disease
  • Crop rotation and plant families
  • Natural Fertilisers and soil care

The Year Round Organic School Garden, Part Two

(Info to follow not finalised yet)

In Partnership with The Department of Education, The Clare Education centre and The Limerick Education centre.

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The Year Round Organic School Garden Publication

Our Publication ‘The year round organic school garden’ a collaboration between Irish Seed Savers and Kerry Earth Education Project and part funded by The Heritage Council.

It is a practical guide for teachers and other education practitioners. It includes planning designing, and creating an organic school garden. It demonstrates the huge possibilities of using the school grounds as an educational resource and to learn about organic food growing and the importance of biodiversity also includes Cross Curricular activities tying in with SESE, SPHE, Art, Languages, History and Maths.

  • Treasure hunt
  • Woodland activities
  • Natural craft making
  • Flower seed sowing
  • Tree sapling sowing
  • Organic pizza making in our cob oven
  • Minibeast hunt

SEED – Schools Environmental Education Development

Turning school gardens into living classrooms.

This is collaboration with five other organic centres to establish school gardens as living classrooms, and demonstrating the unlimited cross curricular potential school gardens have particularly tying in with SESE, SPHE, Art, Languages, History and Maths.

Other centres included in this programme are:

ISSA and KEEP are Specialists on ‘The Heritage in Schools’ Scheme list.

Our Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Garden plan design
  • Creating the garden
  • Compost workshops
  • Train the trainer’s courses
  • The heritage in schools programme
  • Practical gardening sessions with children e.g. sowing planting native hedgerows, ponds, wildlife gardening

The Heritage in Schools Scheme

The Heritage in Schools scheme offers a panel of heritage specialists who will, at the request of a teacher, visit a primary school to work directly with the children. Specialists are listed in the Heritage in Schools Directory, which is updated annually and sent to all primary schools in the country.

A booking form is included in the directory. The visit is part-funded by the school and the remaining fee plus expenses are funded by the Heritage Council.



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