Why are growing numbers of people choosing to buy seeds from Irish seed savers?

The ethos here at Irish Seed Savers Association, is to conserve and distribute wonderful rare and heritage varieties, as well as to encourage the skills of saving your own seed and empowering people to do this in their own gardens, small holdings or farms.

All of our seeds are grown and saved in Ireland and are Open Pollinated which allows you to save your own seeds from them, keeping the variety true to type. By choosing Irish Seed Savers’ Open Pollinated Seeds you contribute to keeping food security in your own hands and Irish agricultural biodiversity alive and vibrant.

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  • Buan Onion

    This is a true native Irish onion bred by Barnie Crombie who was still doing on- ion trials up until the 1980’s when he passed on. However, he had sent seed to the Russian and English gene banks from which Irish Seed Savers Association received seed and we have been growing and saving this unique variety since. It has performed extremely well in the most adverse conditions for ‘good quality onions’, i.e. an average Irish summer. The name comes from old Irish, ‘Long life’, and it is indeed a really good white fleshed storage bulb, often not sprouting until summer the following season. Certified Organic
  • This onion is from the Wellesbourne Gene Bank, UK. It is most probably quite rare. Lafort is a historic family name from the Guyenne region in South West France, now better known as the Dordogne, so this is possibly where the variety originated. The onions are lovely golden tear-drop shaped globes of good size and flavour. Stores well. Certified Organic
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    Lyon Leek

    A classic Leek, also known as Prize- taker dating back to 1886 from the UK. Uniform, long white thick stems of mild flavour. Very cold-hardy, will stand well all winter Great for showing in competitions as they form the perfect leek.
    Certified Organic
  • A traditional French cultivar grown in the alluvial plains of the Seine in Normandy. It has short, chunky stems and lovely bright green foliage, good for autumn and winter harvesting.
    Certified Organic
  • This variety is a French heirloom also known as ‘Brown Spanish’, a standard variety in Europe for over 200 years. It was said by ‘Vilmorin in 1855 in his famous book ‘Les Plantes Potageres’, ‘That the winter supply of onions for Paris and Europe consists chiefly of this variety’. Now it is rare and very hard to find. The onion is a productive early cropper with flat bulbs up to 10cm across, Full of flavour, brown/copper skin and keeps well.
    Certified Organic
  • Tamanegi is in fact the Japanese word for onion. This great variety came from the open pollinated small seed company visited by one of our staff in Japan. Grows lovely large bulbs from a late summer sowing and also stores well.
    Certified Organic
  • ‘Stamme’ is an old variety from Norway and the word itself translates as, ‘tribe, trunk, sense of belonging, strength, rootedness’. We got the original seed from a gene bank and found the variety to be of mixed types but grows’ well in our short, cool summer. We have gradually been selecting different strains from the original and this is one with gold globe shaped bulbs. You may find a few that display other traits like slightly red skin or flesh or more flattened bulbs, but you could also start your own Stamme adapted line.
    Certified Organic
  • This onion goes back 80 years, once a commercial registered variety but hard to find now, the Up to date onion has good resistance to the disease white rot. A yellow skinned variety good all round and excellent for storage.
    Certified Organic
  • This is a variety from Arche Noah, seed savers in Austria with dark red flat-rounded bulbs. Grows well.
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