Why are growing numbers of people choosing to buy seeds from Irish Seed Savers?

The ethos here at Irish Seed Savers Association, is to conserve and distribute wonderful rare and heritage varieties, as well as to encourage the skills of saving your own seed and empowering people to do this in their own gardens, small holdings or farms.

All of our seeds are grown and saved in Ireland and are Open Pollinated which allows you to save your own seeds from them, keeping the variety true to type. By choosing Irish Seed Savers Open Pollinated Seeds you contribute to keeping food security in your own hands and Irish agricultural biodiversity alive and vibrant.

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  • This tapering variety of pepper produces beautiful, thick-walled, juicy, sweet, scarlet fruits. The plants are vigorous and productive, with tapering fruits of 10-15cm in length developing in abundance throughout the autumn. They have waxy skin which may help them to be storable for longer. These seeds came to us via Clare Island from Christophe and Ciara who had grown them in their garden tunnels. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 25
  • These fruits ripen to a beautiful, glossy, deep red, and are delicious both raw and cooked. A very dependable cropper, rich and sweet even in cool summers. The plants are compact but productive (equal to or better than many F1 hybrid types).  Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 25
  • An Irish Flax cultivar presumed from the North of Ireland, repatriated from the Vavilov Institute for Plant Genetic Resources in Russia c2000. This variety has been successfully regenerated four-fold since it arrived in our care; Here at Capparoe, and also grown as part of an on-farm trial in Kilkenny, at Airfield Estate in Dundrum, Dublin and by Helen Keys and Charlie Mallon as part of their regenerative farming practices at Mallon Farm where they have grown, processed and woven the flax (with other varieties) by hand to create precious pieces of history. Flax is part of our deep cultural heritage and is so giving, flowers, fiber and food. Grows to 80cm, five seed heads per plant. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 300
  • A long Japanese burpless type, tender and sweet even when large. This productive and delicious variety needs to be grown with protection.
    Average Seeds Per Pack: 16
  • An Irish heritage variety, originally saved in the Russian gene bank and repatriated to Ireland. These plants grow quite tall (2m) so a strong fence is required but you will be rewarded with prolific small pods and sweet peas, best eaten while young. Good disease resistance, the peas can also be left to mature and dry off to be used as a soup pea in winter. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 70
  • One of our most popular varieties, repatriated from the Vavilov Gene Bank in Russia. The plants grow up to 1.5m, so need good support. They produce an abundance of delicious sweet, round peas, 6-8 per pod, described by many as ‘a wonderful crop’. The plants have good mildew resistance and are less prone to sprouting in the pod during a wet summer. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 50
  • This wonderful heirloom pea came to us from Josh Toombs in Co. Antrim. Josh got in touch with Irish Seed Savers when he was 79 years old because he wished to share this pea with other gardeners. It had been preserved in his family for over a century. The decorative pink and mauve/purple flowers produce a classic dark purple pod. Peas are good eaten fresh when young and immature or left to dry on the plant which make an excellent storage pea. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 50
  • This variety has impressed market gardeners, as it thrives and is a prolific producer even in a poor summer. Originally donated by a supporter as one of his favourites, this easy-to-grow variety has beautiful pink flowers and tender green pods that contain bean seeds that turn dark purple/black when mature. Average Seeds Per Pack: 30
  • A French heirloom, this productive variety has small, pale-green fruit. ‘Carpaccio’ is a great way to enjoy this fruity-flavoured gem of a courgette – cut into thin vertical slices, marinated with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper and grilled briefly on both sides. Garnish with fresh coriander.
    Certified Organic Average seeds per pack 10
  • This variety came to us via a Syrian refugee. The young courgettes are pale green, almost white. The small and delicious fruits retain good flavour as they mature. Highly successful outdoor crop.
    Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 10
  • This is a de-hybridized version of the variety you will often find listed as an F1. Listed by Vilmorin in 1856 as ‘Verte d’Australie’. Mona Muller, one of our Seed Guardians has kept her seed year-on-year and it grows reliably the same each time, so almost definitely not an F1. As with all the blue pumpkins, it hails from Australia. The silvery blue skin contrasts beautifully with its bright orange flesh. The dense flesh is deliciously sweet and nutty, second to none. Good for storage too.
    Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 10
  • A variety of sweetcorn that has been selected from a 1955 hybrid and which is now open-pollinated. Described as an ‘old fashioned’ corn that will transform any plate to a luxurious meal. A late-season corn that delivers tender, sweet, rich, delicious golden cobs up to 3 per plant.
    Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 26
  • Evening Primrose

    3.75 (3.75 incl VAT)
    Beautiful yellow, bowl-shaped, flowers along a tall spike. Blooming from June to September. They release a light fragrance in the evening and are very attractive to nighttime pollinators including moths. A tall plant that self-seeds readily. In modern times the oil has been extracted from the plant and used medicinally for regulating hormones. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 100
  • Poppy Mix

    3.75 (3.75 incl VAT)
    This is a mix of poppies in various shades of colour: pink, magenta, mauve and purple. Some have frilly petals or double blooms! Easy to grow, this flower is best direct sown. Self-seeds easily if the stunning mature seed heads have been left to develop. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 1000
  • Sunflower Mix

    3.75 (3.75 incl VAT)
    The perfect choice for any sunflower lovers this mix of white and black seed will attract a lovely crowd of pollinators and provide blooms all summer long.  Leave to ripen and mature for your own supply of seeds for next year. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 15
  • Sweetpea

    3.75 (3.75 incl VAT)
    This tall, climbing sweet pea has traditional old-fashioned mix of pink, white, mauve and purple colours and that most lovely evocative fragrance. Best given support to get the most out of this lovely flower. Easy to save seeds. Average Seeds Per Pack: 20
  • Grandmothers Sweet William

    3.75 (3.75 incl VAT)
    An early-flowering variety, coming to us from Vermont, USA. A lovely bright and fragrant mix in shades of pinks, purples and whites. Long, firm stems make it an ideal cut flower throughout summer. A short-lived perennial. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 350
  • Pinwheel Marigold

    3.75 (3.75 incl VAT)
    Given to us by ‘Peace Seeds’ in Oregon, USA, these plants provide an absolutely stunning display of dark red, orange and yellow concentric-striped flowers, blooming in vivid profusion from May to October. Tall plants up to 1m high, with the pungent ‘tagetes’ smell that can help to put off pests. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 150
  • This visually stunning and delicious chard is from an organic seed company in 'Ontario, Canada'. Gorgeous deep burgundy leaves and deep purple and orange stalks are plentiful throughout the growing season. A lovely addition to salads and soups. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 200
  • A vigorous, robust red onion. Dark round-flat bulbs. Matures quite early and is very productive, also stores very well for a red onion if kept under optimal conditions (cool, dark and dry environment). Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 200
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