Why are growing numbers of people choosing to buy seeds from Irish seed savers?

The ethos here at Irish Seed Savers Association, is to conserve and distribute wonderful rare and heritage varieties, as well as to encourage the skills of saving your own seed and empowering people to do this in their own gardens, small holdings or farms.

All of our seeds are grown and saved in Ireland and are Open Pollinated which allows you to save your own seeds from them, keeping the variety true to type. By choosing Irish Seed Savers’ Open Pollinated Seeds you contribute to keeping food security in your own hands and Irish agricultural biodiversity alive and vibrant.

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  • A rare variety collected originally from a market in India. Tall vines that flower with abundant purple/maroon blooms and are absolutely stunning. The pods are a beautiful lemon yellow, best picked while quite flat and perfect for stir fry. Can be autumn sown under cover. Certified Organic
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    A tall variety of sugar snap pea so requires good staking, but is worth it for an amazing harvest of sweet, succulent, crispy pods, best eaten when the peas are well-developed, whole pod and all, raw or cooked. This variety was given to us years back by Stormy Hall seed company to save, as it has been dropped from the commercial seed register. Certified Organic
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    This was returned to us from the British Heritage seed library, having come originally from an Irish agricultural research station. Very tall growing up to 2m, flowers are maroon/mauve which develop into large pods of enormous peas. They are in fact more like a bean (hence the name prean), coming into their own when cooked in soups and stews as they have good substance and nutrition. It may be easier to grown them as a climbing bean although they are botanically a pea. Certified Organic
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    Cultivated since 1900 when you grow this pea you can understand why. Vigorous dwarf plants 1 m high, very high yielding with pods packed with 6 or 7 delicious dark green peas. It also has a good extended picking season. Certified Organic
  • Translates as ‘Great Good’, this pea has been around since 1872 and with good reason. Described as ‘a willing giant of a pea, brimming with health and large luscious pods’. Needs firm supports.
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    The name comes from an order of monks in Holland, who have long been custodians of diverse fruit and vegetables. This is a tall vigorous plant so needs good support. It has beautiful pink/white flowers and deep purple pods. In the Scoil Chroi school garden Galway, students enjoyed the purple peas both raw and dried for soup. Certified Organic
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    A Scottish heritage variety with long slim pods packed full with up to 11 peas with outstanding flavour, remaining sweet even when quite mature. It was once a very popular variety with exhibitors with such ‘perfect’ pods. Grows quite tall, up to 1.5m and is very productive. Has become famous since Monty Don pronounced it one of his favourites on a television gardening programme.
  • Twiggy Pea

    From the Court of Eden seed savers in Holland. These pea plants are quite remarkable with beautiful extensively curled ‘twig’ like tendrils. Approx. 1.2m tall, pods full with up to 8 peas, excellent flavour.
  • This beautiful, tall pea came originally from the Northern Irish Organic Garden Society having been grown in Ireland for three generations. Needs good supports, but worth the effort giving a great abundance of large pods filled with the sweetest peas. Thanks to supporter Liam Gaffney for sending seed for us to grow on. Certified Organic
  • Out of stock
    This pea came from Patrick Carruthers in Co. Down and has been grown and saved there for 25 years. Grows up to 1.6m, lovely magnenta-purple flowers which produce the colourful purple pods. The peas are lovely to eat fresh when young but are also great to allow to mature and dry for a winter storage pea. Certified Organic
  • Stenu Pea

    This is a tall pea, up to 2m so needs good support, the word ‘Stenu’ itself means wall or rock in several Eastern European languages - something to grow on perhaps! Gorgeous pink-purple flowers produce pods of up to 8 peas. Lovely eaten young and raw and they sweeten up even more when cooked. Certified Organic
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    Named after the famous pea breeder, going back to the 1800’s. Quite an early maturing variety with a long harvest season. Particularly suitable to a maritime climate such as ours. 7-9 peas per pod, delicious tasting. Certified Organic
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