Why are growing numbers of people choosing to buy seeds from Irish seed savers?

The ethos here at Irish Seed Savers Association, is to conserve and distribute wonderful rare and heritage varieties, as well as to encourage the skills of saving your own seed and empowering people to do this in their own gardens, small holdings or farms.

All of our seeds are grown and saved in Ireland and are Open Pollinated which allows you to save your own seeds from them, keeping the variety true to type. By choosing Irish Seed Savers’ Open Pollinated Seeds you contribute to keeping food security in your own hands and Irish agricultural biodiversity alive and vibrant.

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    A large white root with thin black skin and crisp pungent flesh. Very cold hardy and can be harvested through the winter after a late summer planting. The roots will sweeten when cooked. Very disease resistant and easy to grow.
    Certified Organic
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    This is an oriental radish, can grow up to 25cm long with dense and crunchy flesh, mild flavour. In Japan they are traditionally pickled but can also be used in stir fry or grated raw. Winter hardy can be sown from Spring to Autumn.
    Certified Organic
  • The original seed came from the Arche Noah – the Austrian Seed Savers Organisation. This is a round yellow radish and has a delicious sweet flavour. Favoured by Deirdre, one of our gardeners, due to its medium heat and sweetness. Certified Organic
  • Out of stock
    Quick growing red radish of good size, very reliable, not too hot but crisp and juicy. Sow successionally from Spring and can also be used for Winter production under cover.
    Certified Organic
  • First listed in a catalogue in 1885, this winter storage radish is still going strong. The long, cylindrical roots have the most beautiful purple skin and mild sweet white flesh. Certified Organic
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