Organic Gardening & Soil Health – Saturday April 22nd – 10am – 4:30pm

Soil health is at the heart of deep organic growing systems. In order to achieve the best results a balance is needed between soil life, fertility and the ecosystem supporting the crops. This one day workshop will introduce core skills, equipment and techniques to plan, prepare, sow, plant and care for a broad range of crops suited to home growers in our climate. There will be an emphasis on understanding the importance of soil health in developing an organic garden and using methods to enhance soil health as a central aim of your growing.


Learning outcomes

  • Getting familiar with ‘the living soil’ – develop an understanding of the importance of soil organic matter in your garden and methods to enhance and protect soil when cultivating.
  • Composting and soil fertility – increase awareness of a range of fertility management options in organic systems and develop knowledge of recycling waste into garden compost.
  • Planning your garden – learn how to approach establishing a food garden step by step – site assessment, fertility management, crop planning, bed layout, propagation, protection and harvesting.
  • Maintaining and improving fertility via soil protection measures, including no-dig systems, green manures and minimum tillage methods.


Practical skills

  • Assessing your site, setting up growing area and soil.
  • Planning crop layout, rotation, timing of sowing and planting to suit local conditions.
  • Propagation methods via seed and cuttings. Seed choices and seed sowing methods for a variety of crops.
  • Planting and crop care – timing, techniques for managing weeds and pests, harvesting techniques for maximum yield.
  • Soil protection and green manures – conserving soil health over winter and using green manures to build fertility, enhance soil life and increase biodiversity in the garden.
  • Setting up a no-dig garden.


Cost : €80

Material Cost (pay on the day): €5

All gardening materials will be supplied including self sown seeds and transplanted seedlings to bring home.

Please bring garden gloves, boots, sunscreen, hat and water bottle + raincoat just in case.


Bookings & Information

Our courses always get positive feedback from participants and you will benefit from on hand expert tutors with years of experience in their field. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and spend some time in our gardens, orchards and woodlands in beautiful East Clare.

You can book courses online or you can telephone us on 061 921866 or 921856.

  • Workshop prices: from €80
  • 10% discount for supporters.
  • Workshops suitable for adults only – children under 18 years are not permitted to attend.