Rewilding your Land – Ecological Restoration – Saturday April 23rd – 10am – 4:30pm

How can we reconnect with our land and gardens in a way which can also help us reconnect with ourselves and our place in nature? Learn how we can restore ecosystems and create a living landscape using nature-based solutions in our green spaces. Explore how we can bring wildlife and nature back into our gardens, creating and maintaining spaces for biodiversity. Get to know some plants, creatures and elements that you can share your space with, engage with them and enjoy a living ecosystem at your doorstep. There is no one formula, but there are many approaches and practical ideas. Bring along a simple drawing or photos of your own garden and any ideas you want help with. This workshop is particularly relevant to land ½ – 1 acre and over (see September Rewilding your Garden for smaller land).

Bookings & Information

Our Big workshop weekend offers a range of full-day courses to choose from. You can take a single course or two courses over the weekend. Our courses always get positive feedback from participants and you will benefit from on hand expert tutors with years of experience in their field. The weekend format also offers you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to spend some time in our gardens, orchards and woodlands in beautiful East Clare.

You can book courses online or you can telephone us on 061 921866 or 921856.

  • Workshop prices: €70 per course.
  • 10% discount for supporters.
  • Workshops suitable for adults only children under 18 years are not permitted to attend.
  • Cafe serving lunch & refreshments.

The Seed Savers Cafe will be open on each course day for lunch, serving soup, tea and coffee, and homemade cakes. The Cafe is vegetarian and uses organic ingredients from the gardens and orchards whenever possible.