Irish Seed Savers are delighted to announce “Sweet William”, a rare variety of Irish Heritage Apple Tree is now available as a Limited Edition in our 2022 selection.

Sweet William had been listed in Hartland’s Nursery catalogue of 1907-08, Co. Cork. Later it was documented by Dr Lamb in his thesis of 1949 as old trees growing near Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. However, it had been lost from the Irish collection since then.

In 2018 Irish Seed Savers received cuttings of the lost variety “Sweet William” from Gordon Reid of Berry Bush Nursery in Co. Cork. Thanks to Gordon and some friends overseas this Irish variety, which has been missing for many decades, has been returned to Irish soil.

A second early season, medium sized, round apple with creamy yellow skin and red stripes and stippling. The flesh is crisp, very white, very sweet and the tree has an upright growth.

Flowering: Mid Season

Picking: Early (August)

Ripe: August