On 29 April orchards across Europe are preparing to open their gates for Orchard Blossom Day. Numerous actions will take place all over Europe – from Ireland to Britain to Tyrol and from Transylvania to the Atlantic. Events will include picnics, tours and activities, and the simple pleasure of walks amongst the blossoms. 

This new annual celebration of fruit trees, flowers and food launches across the UK and Europe on and around the last Friday of April. The Day is partly for the joy of celebrating orchards as magical places for the benefit of people and nature, places of a huge but dwindling variety of fruit trees and places in need of conservation across Ireland, Britain and Europe. 

To celebrate Orchard Blossom Day Irish Seed Savers will host a Family Guided Orchard Tour, from 10am to 12pm, with fun blossom themed activities for old and young alike! Join us on an adventure through the orchards to observe and identify blossoms and pollinators and make origami blossoms.

Join Orchard Manager Jeremy Turkington for a Guided Orchard Tour from 2pm to 4pm and relax and enjoy some blossom tea under the beauty of the blossoms!

Bring a picnic and gather under the blossoming apple trees to celebrate spring on the senses, sharing stories, song and music. 

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€10 per adult 

Children Free*

*Children must be accompanied by an Adult