Flowering times, pollination & information.

The first collection of Irish Heritage Apple Trees was made in the 1940s by Keith Lamb, then planted on land belonging to Dublin Corporation. Tragically it was destroyed. Anita Hayes, working with the late Peadar MacNeice of the Armagh Orchard Trust and Dr. Michael Hennerty of University College Dublin, began to replicate Dr. Lamb’s collection.


In the early 1990’s we began the search for traditional Irish varieties of apple trees. These apples were once renowned for their range of taste, texture and cooking qualities. They were grown before the advent of pesticides and some of them are more resistant to scab, mildew and canker than modern cultivars. The success of this project is the result of many years of hard work by members of the public, local historians, scientists, and Irish Seed Savers Association staff. With over 180 varieties of apple trees on our site we now house the National Collection of Irish Heritage Apple Trees.

If you would like to download our catalogue that contains images, descriptions and the history of these varieties please click HERE.

Or browse our database below for flowering times, ripening and county of origin. We are continually researching our collection and this data will be updated as new information becomes available.

Name Use Flowering Picking Tip Spur Origin
Aherne Beauty Cooker Mid Sept V Northern Ireland
Allington Pippin Eater Mid Oct V U.K
An Cailín Bán Cooker Mid Sept V Under Research
Appletown Wonder Eater Late Oct-Nov V Limerick
April Queen Cooker Late Sept V Armagh
Ard Cairn Russet Eater Late Sept V Cork
Ballinora Pippin aka Monarch Eater Mid Nov-Jan V Cork
Ballyfatten Cooker Late Sept V Derry
Ballyvaughan Seedling (aka White Moss) Dual Late Sept V Clare, Kilkenny
Bardsey Island Eater Early Sept V Bardsey Island, UK
Barnhill Pippin Dual Mid Sept V Cork
Beauty of Ballintaylor Dual Mid Aug-Sept V Tipperary / Waterford
Beauty of Bath Eater Early Aug V Somerset, UK
Belvedere House Cooker Early Sept V Westmeath
Blenheim Orange Dual Mid*** Sept V V England
Blood of the Boyne (aka Devonshire Quarrenden) Eater Early Sept V Meath
Bloody Butcher*** (aka Vajki Alma) Dual Mid*** Sept V Kilkenny, Meath, Offaly
Brady Eater Late Sept V Roscommon
Brown Crofton Dual Mid Sept V Dublin
Buttermilk Russet Dual Late Sept V Armagh
Buttermilk Russet B Dual Early Aug-Sept V Armagh
Cabbage Stalk Dual Mid Aug-Sept V Cavan
Cavan Newington (aka Summer Stibbert) Dual Mid*** Aug-Sept V West of England
Cavan Rose (aka Newton Wonder) Dual Late Sept V Cavan
Cavan Strawberry Cooker Early Sept V Cavan
Cavan Sugarcane Eater Mid Sept V Cavan
Cavan Wine Cooker Mid Sept V Cavan
Cider Caledon (aka Gibby’s Apple) Cider / Juicer Early Sept V Tyrone
Clearheart Dual Late Sept V Kilkenny
Councillor Dual Mid Sept V Dublin
Custard Scarlet Dual Late Oct V Clare
Davy Apple Eater Late Sept V Monaghan
Detta Phelan Eater Mid Aug-Sept V Under Research
Dick Davies Eater Late Sept V Cork
Dockney Cider / Juicer Late Sept V V Armagh
Ecklinville Seedling (aka Glory of the West) Cooker Mid Sept V Antrim
Eight Square (aka Kill Apple) Eater Late Sept V Monaghan
Evagil (aka Yellow Pitcher) Eater Late Sept-Oct V Sligo
Farrell Eater Mid Sept-Oct V Waterford
Finola Lee Dual Mid Oct V Limerick
Franks Seedling Dual Late Sept V Offaly
George Eater Mid Sept-Oct V Under Research
Gibbon’s Russet Eater Mid Sept V Cork
Gladstone (aka Jackson’s Seedling) Eater Mid Aug V UK
Glenstal Cooker (aka Dewdney’s Seedling) Cooker Late Sept V Limerick
Golden Royal (aka Honeycombe) Eater Late Sept V Cavan
Golden Spire Dual Late Sept V England
Greasy Pippin Dual Mid Oct-Nov V Fermanagh
Green Chisel Eater Late Sept-Oct V Donegal
Herbert Russet Eater Early Oct V Under Research
Honeyball Eater Mid Sept V Kilkenny
Horse’s Head Cooker Early Aug-Sept V Under Research
Irish Molly Eater Mid Sept V Kilkenny
Irish Peach Eater Early Aug V Sligo & Nationwide
Irish Pitcher Eater Mid Sept-Oct V Sligo / Mayo
James Beauty Eater Early Aug V Under Research
Keegan’s Eater Late Oct-Feb V V Armagh
Kemp Eater Late Oct V Armagh
Kerry Pippin Eater Early Sept V V Nationwide
Keswick Codlin (aka Barron Cocagee) Cooker Unknown Sept V UK
Kilkenny Pearmain Eater Late Sept V Kilkenny
Kiltoghert Blossom Eater Unknown Sept V Leitrim
Lady Sudeley Eater Late Aug-Sept V England
Lady’s Finger Eater Mid*** Oct-Dec V Offaly Monaghan
Langan’s Permain Eater Mid Sept-Oct V Mayo
Leitrim Red (aka Red Victoria) Eater Early Aug-Sept V Leitrim, Cambridgeshire UK
Leixlip Cooker Late Sept V Kilkenny / Kildare
Lough Key Crab Cooker Early Sept V Roscommon
Lough Tree of Wexford Eater Mid Sep-Oct V Wexford
Martin’s Seedling (aka No Surrender) Cooker Mid Aug V Armagh
Millers Seedling Eater Mid Aug-Sept V England
Minogue White Mossy Eater Mid Sept V Under Research
Mrs Perry Dual Mid Sept V Donegal
Norfolk Royal Eater Mid Sep V Norfolk, UK
O’Gorman Cooker Late Aug V Clare
Peach Melba (aka Peche Melba) Eater Mid Sept V Kilkenny
Piltown Early Red Cooker Early Aug V Kilkenny
Pollock Crab Cooker Early Sept V Under Research
Rawleys Seedling Eater Mid Sept V Cork
Red Brandy Eater Late Sept V Kilkenny
Reid’s Seedling Eater Late Sept V Armagh
Richardson (aka Histon Favourite) Eater Late Sept V Kilkenny
Rose Hogan Seedling Eater Early Aug V Under Research
Ross Nonpareil Eater Early Nov-Jan V Nationwide
Sam Young Eater Early Sept V Kilkenny, Offaly, Cavan
Scarlet Crofton Eater Late Aug-Sept V Sligo & Nationwide
Sheep’s Snout (Green) Dual/Cider Mid Sept V Cavan, Westmeath, Waterford
Sheep’s Snout (Red) Dual/Cider Mid Sept V Cavan, Westmeath, Waterford
Sheep’s Snout (Yellow) Dual/Cider Mid Sept V Cavan, Westmeath, Waterford
Sovereign (aka Lass O’Gowrie) Dual Early Aug-Sept V Armagh
Strippy Eater Mid Sept-Oct V Armagh
Summer John Eater Mid Sept V Fermanagh
Thompson’s Apple Eater Late Oct V Tyrone
Turkey Willouby Eater Mid Aug-Sept V Northern Ireland
Valentine Cooker/Cider Mid Sept V Kilkenny
White Crofton Eater Mid Sept V Sligo & Nationwide
White Russet – O’Dwyer Cooker Mid Sept V Under Research
White Russet (aka Queen Caroline) Cooker Mid Oct V Nationwide
Widow’s Friend (aka Stark’s Earliest) Eater Early Sept V Armagh
Yellow Clare Eater Late Sept-Oct V Clare