Immerse yourself in the joy of growing and harvesting your own vibrant produce with the Purple Vegetable Seed Set.

This carefully curated collection is a celebration of vibrant hues and delectable flavours, featuring premium seeds that promise to transform your garden into a visual and culinary delight. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a beginner with a budding interest in gardening, this set provides the perfect opportunity to cultivate a garden that is both visually stunning and bountiful.

This seed set includes the following seed varieties: purple sprouting broccoli, John Purple carrots, Josh Toombs purple podded pea and purple Tomatillo as well as four wooden plant labels.

Eco-friendly packaging. Acid free tissue paper. Biodegradable raffia ribbon.

Guaranteed Irish Seeds – sown, grown, harvested, dried and packaged in County Clare.