These apple tree (Malus domestica) rootstock bundles of 10 are available in four different sizes for your grating needs. Grafting is the technique whereby fresh growth from an apple tree can be “grafted” or  joined onto a rootstock to create a new tree. The rootstock determines the size that this new tree will grow to. You can place your order now, the rootstocks will be shipped from mid February.

M.9 – Dwarf. Very productive and induces good fruit size. Poor anchorage needing permanent staking. Ideal for cordons and spindles. There are over 100 M9 types and together they account for the majority of commercial orchards worldwide.

M.26 – Semi Dwarf. Requires support on most sites. Good for bush and cordons in limited spaces. Suits certain varieties well i.e Bramley.

MM.106 – Semi vigorous. General purpose for most types of tree; bush, cordon and half standard. Very productive from an early age. Can succumb to collar rot or phytophora on poorly drained soils. Resistant to woolly aphid.

MM.111 – Vigorous. Produces a standard on good soils and half standard on poor soils, excellent collar rot and general disease resistance. Resistant to woolly aphid.