• Buan Onion

    A lovely large golden onion that grows particularly well in Ireland having been bred here by onion enthusiast Barnie Crombie who carried out onion trials up to the 1980s. It stores extremely well, lasting throughout the winter. The old Irish name 'Buan' translates to 'lasting or enduring' and this variety is aptly named! Brought back from near extinction by Irish Seed Savers when we repatriated the seed from the Vavilov Gene Bank in 1997. We have regenerated the seed on 5 separate occasions since then. 'Conservation-in-use' at its finest. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 200
  • A really excellent, large Japanese Onion. Wonderful flavour and great storage properties. It even won a prize at the Clare Garden show many years ago. Sendai is a city in Japan’s Tohoku Region, northeast of Tokyo on Honshu Island. Tamangi is the Japanese word for Onion and we are very grateful to Matteo Petitti, former colleague and long-time supporter for introducing this open-pollinated variety to us directly from Japan where his partner Tomomi hails from.
    Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 200
  • A vigorous, robust red onion. Dark round-flat bulbs. Matures quite early and is very productive, also stores very well for a red onion if kept under optimal conditions (cool, dark and dry environment). Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 200
  • This is a very popular overwintering onion from Japan. The big, delicious, golden bulbs of this variety store exceptionally well, up to a year. Perfect for roasting and soups.       Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 200
  • A dark red bulb, round and slightly flat in shape. Vigorous and hardy. Certified Organic Average Seeds Per Pack: 200
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