This activity is done in groups of 2. One person is blindfolded and the other is their guide. The guide leads their partner to a tree of their choice. The blindfolded child has time to explore the tree with their senses for 5 – 10 minutes before being called back to the base camp. A crow call can be a good way to let everyone know it’s time to come back to base camp. The guide has to lead their blindfolded partner back to base camp. Once at base camp, the blindfold is removed and the child can try to find their tree again. It’s good to remind the group to get as much information about their tree as possible like, what the bark is like, does it feel like its living, what does it smell like, are there plants growing on it, is it big or small? All of this information will help them get to know their tree and to be able to find it again once the blindfold is removed.

LOCATION: woodland with some variety but an area without too many hazards
AGE: 4+
DEVELOPMENT: tuning into the senses, developing empathy, plant identification, nature connection
KIT: blindfolds or scarves

Everyone pairs up into groups of 2 and decides who will be blindfolded first.

The guide leads their partner through the forest to a tree, the guide places their partners hands on the truck so the partners can explore the area. Then they are led back to the base camp in around abouts way and the blindfold is removed. They try to find their tree again.