We are processing hundreds of varieties of seeds at the moment. We are working hard to harvest, clean, test and pack seeds and while this is tough work we are excited about the many varieties we will be able to make available to you in our upcoming catalogue. These heritage open-pollinated varieties have the ability to adapt, and that is the key for seed survival and food security. Seeds produced in Ireland have adapted to the Irish climate, and Irish conditions and each year we grow out different selections to ensure they can adapt to our changing climate conditions.

In the gardens we have sown our overwintering varieties of lettuce, onions and pea, and our radishes are now in the ground. We have started to receive seed from our seed guardians and this will also be processed in the coming weeks. Finally we will have the last harvest of our pumpkins and courgettes in October.

We are beginning to tidy up the apple tree nursery, dismantling the irrigation systems, repairing tools and machinery before storing them away for the winter months and clearing out any unused pots, trays etc. to reuse again next year. Our shop has recently been stocked with a fresh supply of one and two year old potted trees. Please email info@irishseedsavers.ie for more information, current list of available varieties, ages and prices.