There has been a huge demand for our Irish heritage apple trees this year and unfortunately we have to announce that we are completely sold out of our stocks for this year. As the bare root crop approaches dormancy, the trees will be prepared for unearthing and as soon as they are fully dormant, they will be bare-rooted, stored in damp sawdust, ready for posting in December. We have a similar practice for the rootstocks that are used for grafting, but these are shipped out in January and February.

We still have a number of rootstocks left for grafting so if you fancy trying to graft your own apple trees click HERE to see what we have available.

We are delighted to be taking part in ‘The Hare’s Corner’ project run by the Burrenbeo Trust. This project will promote biodiversity among land owners in Co Clare. We are supplying the project with a range of Irish heritage apple trees but we are also recipients of the scheme, which is enabling us to turn what was once a drainage ditch into a wildlife pond. For more details on ‘The Hare’s Corner’ click HERE

Our garden team will be finishing processing the last of our courgette and pumpkin harvest for seed and by mid November we hope to begin packing seed that will be in our 2022 heirloom seed catalogue. We’ve planned our Seed Guardians meeting for the end of the month. Our Seed Guardians play a vital role in allowing us to grow a wider range of heirloom varieties, this not only helps promote biodiversity but it also allows us the opportunity to offer you a wider range of seed varieties in our catalogues.

We were delighted to harvest the Rouge Crapaudine beetroot this month. This variety is one of the oldest varieties available on the market, dating back a thousand years. It has rough bark type skin that grows a tapered root. We harvested a 50m long bed to select the best beetroot that will be used for seed production.