Mud play stimulates creativity and imagination in children and it facilitates open-ended play, communication, collaboration and physical activity.

LOCATION: anywhere that has space for a mud patch
AGE: toddlers +
DEVELOPMENT: nature connection, building strong immune systems, cognitive development
KIT: water, old kitchen utensils, digging trowel

All you need to do is find a space to make a mud patch. This can be done in a garden if you don’t live near a woodland. Water is the other vital ingredient needed for mud play, so bring some with you if you are going on an adventure.

Mud play may look messy, and it is! So, wearing clothes that you can get messy in is important. An important thing to remember about mud play, is that it has an important role in your children’s development.

Bring some old pots and pans, bowls, plates or jugs, water and a digging trowel is handy to have close to hand.