Building dens allows children to access their innate connection to building shelters and structures, something our ancestors have been doing throughout the history of mankind. It offers a safe space, a sanctuary, a hideout and a place where they can connect to the natural world in their own unique way. These private spaces are important as they provide a sense of privacy and independence for children who are constantly under adult supervision.

LOCATION: woodland where branches are readily available
AGE: 3+ (younger ages can make mini fairie shelters)
DEVELOPMENT: teamwork, risk management, nature connection
KIT: no need for any kit just use what is in the woodland

This activity can be done year-round and children can become absorbed for hours. For the younger age groups, decide who the shelter will be for, maybe the woodland fairies or the little insects the live there. This age group can build mini dens. For the older age group, it is good to find somewhere that will give the shelter support like a tree or logs that can be used to build the den on.